Coat of Arms
   The coat of arms consists of a golden image of Saint Michael the Archangel slaying a black dragon on a red background. The shield is borne by two yellow lions, one holding a banner displaying the coat of arms of Brabant and the other the city's coat of arms. The design dates from 25 March 1844 and was created consequent to a decree of King Leopold I. It is based partly on designs drawn from the city's first seal that is attested to from 1231 (likely engraved after the city charter [1229]), which featured Saint Michael holding a fleur-de-lis in his right hand and a globe in his left. The seal carried the inscription: "Ingesigelle der porters van Brusle." From 1467, the seal shows the saint, crushing the devil, holding a cross in his right arm and the shield of Brabant in his left. From 1567 he is depicted brandishing a sword. There were nine seals in existence from the 13th to the 18th centuries, all carrying variations of the Saint Michael motif. During the French regime, Michael was replaced by an image of liberty replete with Phrygian cap and lictor's bundle. In 1811, Napoléon Bonaparte restored the saint's image.

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