Godfrey I
(r. 1095-1140)
   Godfrey I, the "Bearded," succeeded as count of Leuven on the death of his brother Henry II n 1095. He is considered the founder of the duchy of Brabant as most of central
   Belgium fell within his jurisdiction during his reign. He fought in defense of Emperor Henry IV and, in return for his services, was named duke of Brabant in 1106. Godfrey created the office of amman.
   Godfrey I serves as the inspiration for several legends, including that of the Veillée de Dames, celebrated on 19 January. It is an occasion for wives to rejoice in and be grateful for their husbands in commemorating the joy of their forebears on the return of the men of Brussels with Godfrey from the Crusades. Godfrey had a chapel built in the Chapelle district dedicated to the Virgin Mary. He died on 15 January 1140 in Afflighem.

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