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Janssens, Victor-Honoré

Janssens, Victor-Honoré
   A prolific, much-acclaimed painter, Victor-Honoré Janssens was born in Brussels on 11 June 1658. The son of a tailor, he studied design and was admitted as an apprentice into the painters' guild in 1675. He sojourned in Italy for eight to nine years and then returned to Brussels where he secured the title of master painter in 1689.
   Following the bombardment of 1695, Janssens was commissioned by city authorities to complete a number of works for the Hôtel de Ville to replace those destroyed. His reputation established, he completed many paintings and earned a considerable fortune. In 1718, he was appointed painter to Emperor Charles VI and spent two years at the court in Vienna.
   His style is reflective of trends current in Italy in the 17th century. Janssens is best remembered for the several paintings he completed for the Hôtel de Ville. His capital work remains Assembly of the Gods, painted for the meeting room of the Estates of Brabant. He died in Brussels.

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