Prior to the French regime, Brussels was fractured administratively into some 40 subdivisions. To replace this complex configuration with a more orderly arrangement, in 1795, new municipal divisions were established. Under a decree issued by authorities of the département of the Dyle, the city was divided into eight sections (sections). These remained as administrative districts until the turn of the 20th century. Boundaries followed "natural frontiers''—prominent streets and the Senne River. The sections and their locations around the second town wall included:
   Section des Sables Porte de Namur to porte de Hal
   Section de Terre-Neuve Porte de Hal to pont du Diable
   Section du Marché aux Grains Pont du Diable to porte de Flandres
   Section du Canal Porte de Flandres to porte d'Anvers
   Section de la Monnaie Porte d'Anvers to porte de Schaerbeek
   Section de la Fontasne-bleue Porte de Schaerbeek to porte de Leuven
   Section du Parc Porte de Leuven to porte de Namur
   Section du Centre Area around the Grand' Place

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